Relaxgun Mini Massage gun

Relaxgun Mini Massage gun
Relaxgun Mini Massage gun
Relaxgun Mini Massage gun
Relaxgun Mini Massage gun

Relaxgun Mini Massage gun

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Relaxgun Mini Massage gun - effective and deep massage

Do you struggle with stiff muscles and want a proper massage? The Relaxgun Mini massage gun is the perfect solution.

This is the market's smallest massage gun and can easily be taken anywhere . Mini is the size of an iPhone, yet compact, strong and quiet.

But don't be fooled by the size. This massage gun has the same number of strokes per minute (RPM) as the larger models and uses a powerful 24 watt motor so you can really reach the places you need. Despite this power, the MINI is very quiet thanks to the use of the upgraded brushless motor.

About the device

A massage gun is a hand-held, battery-operated, professional therapy device that provides deep massage. It reduces muscle and tendon pain, increases mobility and improves performance. It is designed for both professional and personal use. Suitable for both young and old!

The massage gun helps relieve sore muscles, stiffness and soreness. Overall, it is the optimal tool for faster recovery, so that you always feel fresh and ready for training - and what everyday life requires. With its 6 different massage heads, it is easy to use, and you will be able to effectively treat both small and large muscle groups on all parts of the body.

The benefits of massage gun

A massage gun makes it easier to dissolve stiff muscles and tissues. By using a massage gun regularly, you can achieve effects in the form of increased blood circulation, looser tissue, reduced lactic acid in the muscles and increased activation of the nervous system and other muscles. This will both prevent illness and injury, as well as rehabilitate injuries.

Massage guns have been used by physiotherapists and chiropractors for a long time, and now it is available to everyone at a reasonable price.

Levels and usage:
  1. 1600r/min: Awakening of muscles
  2. 1900r/min: Recovery therapy
  3. 2300r/min: Relaxation of the muscles
  4. 2600r/min: Cleavage of lactic acid
  5. 2900r/min: Deep massage
  6. 3200r/min: Professional mode

Relaxgun Mini is the lighter and smaller massage gun that provides targeted massage on sore muscles. With the replaceable massage heads, you will be able to hit trigger points and prevent muscle tension.

You can read more about our massage guns, best in test, how to use your massage gun and compare with other models HERE 

Product information:

Number of strength levels: 4
Usage time: 4 hours
Charging time: 2 hours
Frequency: 1600-3200 per minute
Stroke length/depth: 10mm (Amplitude)
Accessories: Charger and 4 different massage heads
Rechargeable: Yes
Noise: Below 35dp
Battery: 25.2V, 2400mAh
IP rating: 30
Weight: 350 grams