62 products

    62 products
    Airwrap blowdry brush 5in1
    Sale price 2.499,00 kr Regular price 3.999,00 kr
    Electric teeth cleaner
    Sale price 399,00 kr Regular price 599,00 kr
    Wave tongs for the perfect beach look
    Sale price 759,00 kr Regular price 1.299,00 kr
    Toilet folder - can be hung up
    479,00 kr
    Exfoliating hair removal tool
    Sale price 499,00 kr Regular price 599,00 kr
    Super popular braided hair band
    219,00 kr
    Extra brush heads for electric toothbrush
    199,00 kr
    Gel polish
    209,00 kr
    Nail file 100/180 in 5pk/10pk
    from 149,00 kr
    Facial hair removal device
    345,00 kr
    Rechargeable wireless beard trimmer
    489,00 kr
    UV lamp for casting nails MINI
    149,00 kr
    Super popular hair band in velor with pearls
    249,00 kr
    Rotating curling iron
    from 549,00 kr
    Mini waterproof toiletry folder/makeup bag
    229,00 kr
    Polygel in natural shades
    265,00 kr
    Heatless curler - beautiful curls without wear
    359,00 kr
    Heatless curler - gentle and does not wear on the hair
    Sale price 299,00 kr Regular price 389,00 kr
    2in1 Blow-dry brush - Straightens and blow-drys
    865,00 kr
    Set of 11 makeup brushes
    319,00 kr
    Rotating curling iron - rechargeable and wireless
    Sale price 1.139,00 kr Regular price 1.499,00 kr
    Set of travel-sized refill containers
    259,00 kr
    Polygel in natural color shades
    209,00 kr
    UV lamp for casting nails in a handy size
    389,00 kr
    Modern hair clips in marble design
    189,00 kr
    2in1 straightener and curling iron - wireless with stand
    Sale price 1.699,00 kr Regular price 2.499,00 kr
    Foot file with wooden handle
    135,00 kr
    Retro razor
    from 299,00 kr
    Gel for molding gel nails
    219,00 kr
    Foot file with two sides
    95,00 kr
    Practical make-up folder with LED light
    from 1.200,00 kr
    Complete make-up organizer with LED light and mirror
    2.900,00 kr
    Matcha peeling gel facial cleanser
    199,00 kr
    Three-row necklace with pendant
    149,00 kr
    Sold Out
    Elegant jewelery with letter pendant
    229,00 kr
    Beautiful bracelet with peach water pearls
    199,00 kr
    Necklace with freshwater pearl
    169,00 kr
    10 pack rings in an elegant design
    149,00 kr
    Large round hanging earrings in a geometric design
    149,00 kr
    Baroque-inspired pearl earrings
    149,00 kr