Cleaning equipment

27 products

    27 products
    Maxpower car vacuum cleaner
    from 999,00 kr Regular price 1.399,00 kr
    Baseus car vacuum cleaner
    Sale price 1.499,00 kr Regular price 2.498,00 kr
    Dim Gray EXPONOS MOPP (3 Mopper)
    Rosy Brown EXPONOS MOPP (3 Mopper)
    Expono's mop
    from 79,00 kr
    Microfibre cloths for window cleaning, multipack
    from 185,00 kr
    Smart car vacuum cleaner
    from 599,00 kr
    Microfiber cloths multipack
    from 149,00 kr
    Foldable car vacuum cleaner
    Sale price 899,00 kr Regular price 1.199,00 kr
    Spray mop
    from 555,00 kr
    Set for window cleaning
    1.399,00 kr
    Wall-mounted suspension for mop
    160,00 kr
    Pinch to remove hair and dirt in drains
    from 289,00 kr
    Suspension for mop
    from 149,00 kr
    Multi-pack of scrubbing cloths
    from 139,00 kr
    Scouring sponge with handle
    195,00 kr
    Effective cleaning tool for corners, windowsills and crevices
    289,00 kr
    Clean Spray Mop
    from 575,00 kr
    Equipment for window washing
    285,00 kr
    Sponge with removable handle
    189,00 kr
    Cleaning sponge in neutral colours
    from 85,00 kr
    High-quality microfiber sponge
    195,00 kr
    Large absorbent "coral" sponge
    189,00 kr
    10-pack cleaning sponges
    179,00 kr
    Cleaning sponge in nice colours
    119,00 kr
    Combination cloth: scrub and microfiber
    159,00 kr
    Kitchen towels/dishcloths 4 pcs
    259,00 kr
    Foldable rotating spray mop
    889,00 kr
    Hybrid car vacuum cleaner and compressor for tire pressure
    Sale price 1.399,00 kr Regular price 1.599,00 kr