Pillows and blankets

34 products

    34 products
    Knitted blankets in lovely patterns
    from 699,00 kr
    Knot pillow - decorative pillow
    from 349,00 kr
    Decorative cushions in a nice design in many colours
    from 209,00 kr
    Modern pillow covers
    299,00 kr
    Decorative pillow ball
    619,00 kr
    Decorative cushions with gold print
    199,00 kr
    Modern decorative cushions in earth tones
    449,00 kr
    Knitted blanket in many nice colours
    from 449,00 kr
    Coarsely knitted blanket
    from 489,00 kr
    Abstract cushion covers
    179,00 kr
    Decorative cushions in velor with decorative stitching
    from 269,00 kr
    Carpets in beautiful patterns
    489,00 kr
    Carpet in fine patterns
    from 625,00 kr
    Floor carpet - leather pile in various colors and sizes
    from 265,00 kr
    Lovely knitted blanket in various shades of grey
    889,00 kr
    Thin knitted blanket in lovely fabric
    from 449,00 kr
    Geometric cushion covers for decorative cushions
    139,00 kr
    Retro throw pillows
    379,00 kr
    Warm, delicious blankets in 24 varieties
    739,00 kr
    Retro sofa blanket
    Sale price 629,00 kr Regular price 729,00 kr
    Knitted blanket in a simple design
    489,00 kr
    Designer cushion coarse knit decorative cushion
    789,00 kr
    Cool cushion covers in leather
    439,00 kr
    Patterned floor mat in several colours
    from 339,00 kr
    Floor carpet - Round leather traps
    from 245,00 kr
    Lovely knitted plaid in calm colours
    839,00 kr
    Decorative Scandinavian throw pillows
    from 219,00 kr
    Modern decorative cushions in a wonderful design
    from 365,00 kr
    Cushion covers for decorative cushions in nice colours
    from 229,00 kr
    Three-dimensional figure pillows
    from 499,00 kr
    Creative cushion covers for decorative cushions in many varieties
    129,00 kr
    Retro cushion covers for decorative pillows
    179,00 kr
    Oblong decorative pillow in linen
    299,00 kr
    Round cushion in velor
    499,00 kr