11 products

    11 products
    Soft dog bed and cat bed
    from 449,00 kr Regular price 598,00 kr
    Bowl in marble
    from 349,00 kr
    Self-cleaning brush for dogs and cats
    379,00 kr
    Brush for dogs and cats
    249,00 kr
    Paw cleaner for dogs and cats
    from 349,00 kr
    Transport bag for dogs and cats
    1.799,00 kr
    Large climbing frame for cats
    Sale price 4.799,00 kr Regular price 5.199,00 kr
    Cat toy for active cats, 40cm stick
    165,00 kr
    Cat bed cave
    from 569,00 kr
    Scratching post - cat toy
    from 549,00 kr
    Toy mouse - cat toy
    169,00 kr