120 products

    120 products
    Nice design lamp
    from 1.399,00 kr
    Vez Wall lamp
    Sale price 999,00 kr Regular price 1.299,00 kr
    Galaxy lamp
    from 399,00 kr
    Felt storage basket
    185,00 kr
    Knitted blankets in lovely patterns
    from 699,00 kr
    Summer airy curtains
    from 395,00 kr
    Knot pillow - decorative pillow
    from 349,00 kr
    Wax cloth in a nice design
    from 219,00 kr
    Crochet tablecloth in retro style
    from 285,00 kr
    Vez v2 wall lamp
    Sale price 999,00 kr Regular price 1.299,00 kr
    Decorative cushions in a nice design in many colours
    from 209,00 kr
    Stylish tea light holder
    149,00 kr
    Tablecloth - runner in a minimalist Christmas pattern
    from 339,00 kr
    Artistic wall lamp in many models
    Sale price 699,00 kr Regular price 899,00 kr
    Body-shaped ceramic vase
    from 399,00 kr
    Lace tablecloth in many sizes
    from 159,00 kr
    Decorative pillow ball
    619,00 kr
    Luxurious candle holder for cube lights
    from 650,00 kr
    Practical towel rack
    639,00 kr
    Minimalist watch
    689,00 kr
    Decorative cushions with gold print
    199,00 kr
    Foldable shelf unit
    from 239,00 kr
    Nordic designed wall clock
    from 999,00 kr
    Storage baskets with lid and zip
    from 269,00 kr
    Modern wall lamp with black, matt surface
    449,00 kr
    Outdoor LED lanterns with solar cells
    from 199,00 kr
    Clock with mathematical formulas
    549,00 kr
    Knitted blanket in many nice colours
    from 449,00 kr
    Coarsely knitted blanket
    from 489,00 kr
    Retro candlesticks in glass
    299,00 kr
    Super cute tablecloth with embroidery and lace trim
    from 279,00 kr
    Decorative cushions in velor with decorative stitching
    from 269,00 kr
    Decorative ceramic vase in the stone collection
    from 380,00 kr
    Colorful glass vases
    390,00 kr
    Elegant vase in white ceramic
    940,00 kr
    Relax rain lamp
    Sale price 1.459,00 kr Regular price 1.999,00 kr
    Handwoven gift ribbons
    129,00 kr
    Carpets in beautiful patterns
    489,00 kr
    Carpet in fine patterns
    from 625,00 kr
    Floor carpet - leather pile in various colors and sizes
    from 265,00 kr