78 products

    78 products
    Maxpower car vacuum cleaner
    from 999,00 kr Regular price 1.399,00 kr
    Baseus car vacuum cleaner
    Sale price 1.499,00 kr Regular price 2.498,00 kr
    Space-saving and discreet toilet brush in a stylish design
    259,00 kr
    Dim Gray EXPONOS MOPP (3 Mopper)
    Rosy Brown EXPONOS MOPP (3 Mopper)
    Expono's mop
    from 79,00 kr
    Microfibre cloths for window cleaning, multipack
    from 185,00 kr
    Smart car vacuum cleaner
    from 599,00 kr
    Toilet roll holder in Nordic design
    495,00 kr
    755,00 kr
    Microfiber cloths multipack
    from 149,00 kr
    Foldable car vacuum cleaner
    Sale price 899,00 kr Regular price 1.199,00 kr
    Spray mop
    from 555,00 kr
    Bath mats in a stylish design
    from 389,00 kr
    Set for window cleaning
    1.399,00 kr
    Spring shower curtain in several sizes and designs
    from 309,00 kr
    Wall-mounted suspension for mop
    160,00 kr
    Pinch to remove hair and dirt in drains
    from 289,00 kr
    Practical towel rack
    639,00 kr
    Suspension for mop
    from 149,00 kr
    Collapsible play fence / ball pit for children
    289,00 kr
    Electric grill for skewers
    Sale price 3.899,00 kr Regular price 4.299,00 kr
    Stylish basket for toilet paper, toilet roll holder
    579,00 kr
    Super soft children's towels
    219,00 kr
    Trash can for bathrooms
    from 265,00 kr
    Storage shelf for bathrooms
    539,00 kr
    Set of soft towels
    from 179,00 kr
    Soft, delicious hotel towels
    from 179,00 kr
    Multi-pack of scrubbing cloths
    from 139,00 kr
    Multifunctional bathroom shelf
    959,00 kr
    Velcro ball game
    259,00 kr
    Soap bubble machine
    489,00 kr
    Absorbent bathroom mat
    459,00 kr
    Round mirror in gold frame, hanging
    689,00 kr
    Scouring sponge with handle
    195,00 kr
    Practical storage shelf
    599,00 kr
    Clean Spray Mop
    from 575,00 kr
    Exclusive marble bathroom set
    969,00 kr
    Bathroom basket in stainless steel
    310,00 kr
    Bathrobe for children with a hood and cute designs
    599,00 kr
    Towels in nice pastel colours
    179,00 kr
    Long foldable water slide
    879,00 kr