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18 products

    18 products
    Relaxgun Prime 2.0 Massage gun
    Sale price 1.990,00 kr Regular price 3.980,00 kr
    Relaxgun Prime 3.0 Massage gun
    Sale price 2.250,00 kr Regular price 3.990,00 kr
    Yoga bag
    Sale price 449,00 kr Regular price 549,00 kr
    Additional equipment: charging cable for Relaxgun Prime 2.0 and Prime 3.0 Massage gun
    199,00 kr
    Relax rain-lamp yoga
    Sale price 1.459,00 kr Regular price 1.999,00 kr
    Neck hammock
    Sale price 499,00 kr Regular price 665,00 kr
    Handy massage tool
    329,00 kr
    Stylish diffuser with drop flow
    Sale price 959,00 kr Regular price 1.200,00 kr
    Mini Fascia massage gun
    Sale price 999,00 kr Regular price 1.499,00 kr
    NEON Mini USB massage gun
    1.099,00 kr
    American-VG mini massage gun
    549,00 kr
    Facia relax Q800 Massage gun
    2.299,00 kr
    M-plus Massage gun
    Sale price 4.199,00 kr Regular price 4.999,00 kr
    Training bottle - shaker
    189,00 kr
    Exercise equipment - strengthens the core muscles and gives a narrower waist
    1.899,00 kr
    Collapsible rocking chair - massages and strengthens the core muscles
    1.599,00 kr
    Foam yoga blocks
    319,00 kr
    Relaxgun Mini Massage gun
    Sale price 1.490,00 kr Regular price 1.990,00 kr