Garden and outdoor environment

35 products

    35 products
    Mosquito trap Trap-X
    from 559,00 kr Regular price 799,00 kr
    Outdoor LED lanterns with solar cells
    from 199,00 kr
    Collapsible play fence / ball pit for children
    289,00 kr
    Electric grill for skewers
    Sale price 3.899,00 kr Regular price 4.299,00 kr
    Velcro ball game
    259,00 kr
    Soap bubble machine
    489,00 kr
    Long foldable water slide
    879,00 kr
    Collapsible playhouse
    789,00 kr
    Water balloons - easier than ever
    289,00 kr
    Outdoor rocket toy
    529,00 kr
    Bowling game
    259,00 kr
    Inflatable ring game - flamingo
    329,00 kr
    Door mat in a stylish design
    from 659,00 kr
    Door mat with abstract design
    369,00 kr
    Doormat in a summery design
    from 319,00 kr
    T-tags 10-pack - plant markers
    139,00 kr
    Set of garden tools for garden care
    769,00 kr
    Spray bottle for watering flowers
    185,00 kr
    LED mosquito trap
    489,00 kr
    Double grill grate
    349,00 kr
    Grill accessories 10 parts
    Sale price 769,00 kr Regular price 999,00 kr
    Grill brush for cleaning the grill
    329,00 kr
    Meat grinder - the perfect barbecue accessory
    Sale price 659,00 kr Regular price 899,00 kr
    Elegant outdoor design lamp
    2.999,00 kr
    Summer play for small children
    from 529,00 kr
    Doormats in embroidered design
    from 459,00 kr
    Weed remover kit
    439,00 kr
    Foldable grill - easy to take with you on trips
    Sale price 1.695,00 kr Regular price 2.259,00 kr
    Light chain with LED light cone
    from 179,00 kr
    Modern outdoor lamps in many varieties
    from 865,00 kr
    Design outdoor lighting
    985,00 kr
    Outdoor lanterns with solar cells
    429,00 kr
    Design outdoor lamp
    1.099,00 kr
    Outdoor lantern for tea lights
    199,00 kr
    Outdoor wall lamp
    1.899,00 kr