10 products

    10 products
    Additional equipment for F11 drone
    from 149,00 kr
    Flying robot
    Sale price 349,00 kr Regular price 549,00 kr
    Mini drone
    399,00 kr
    Foldable drone
    999,00 kr
    Foldable drone with camera - perfect for beginners
    Sale price 1.099,00 kr Regular price 1.389,00 kr
    Aerial drone
    from 1.459,00 kr
    S604 PRO Drone
    from 1.749,00 kr
    Radio-controlled hybrid: drone and tanks - with camera
    from 1.899,00 kr
    XS809HW drone with Wifi wideangle camera
    Sale price 2.159,00 kr Regular price 2.659,00 kr
    5G GPS Transmission drone with ESC camera 1080p
    Sale price 2.970,00 kr Regular price 3.479,00 kr