Moonlamp - Moon Lamp

Lavender Moonlamp
Rosy Brown Moonlamp
Light gray moonlamp
Black moonlamp
Dim gray moonlamp
Gray moonlamp

Moonlamp - Moon Lamp

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Superpopular moon lamp that provides lovely pictures

This lamp is made and inspired by NASA satellite images! This lamp is a work of art in itself and is an exciting and stylish detail in your home.

Our moon lamp is 3D printed by professional designers and is available in 4 different sizes. This lamp is popularly used as a bedside lamp, as it emits a truly unique light in dark rooms.

Adjust brightness and color by touching the smart control of the back of the lamp. Switch between white and yellow lighting with a single keystrokes. 1594078016 ">

The lamp contains a built-in rechargeable battery that provides 8-25 hours of lighting depending on the brightness. Fragment = "1"> The stand follows until the moon lamp is included.

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